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Mighty Titan Knives: Does It Work?

For about $20, you get 10 knives in your Mighty Titan stainless steel knife set for every possible need. The makers claim it's every cook's dream because the knives cut bread like butter, slice in a cinch, and so strong it can cut steel. Let's see if the Mighty Titan can walk the talk.

Each knife has a yellow strip of titanium, which makes the knife corrosion resistant. First, we took the serrated knife to a soft loaf of french bread and managed to cut through the bread with no problem. Tomatoes are usually hard to cut through, but had no problem there either. Then, we took the peel and filleted it, again, the knives cut nicely.

Just like the infomercial, we threw a tomato at the large chopping knife to see if the knife could cut in mid air. Surprisingly enough, it did!

Since the makers claim their knives are so sharp, it can cut through steel, without dulling the knife. So, we gave it a shot. Sure enough, it cut into the hammerhead and still cut through the tomato. Not bad for $20 bucks. It works.

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