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Texas Tech Student Shot to Death at ATM

A stop at an ATM in Central Lubbock early Wednesday morning turned deadly for a 21 year-old Texas Tech student. The search for Colin Schafer's killer is on. Lubbock Police said Schafer was shot twice in his chest inside a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The shooting happened at a Bank of America ATM machine at 50th and Slide just before six o'clock Wednesday morning. One witness told police he saw a white man standing outside of Schafer's SUV. The witness said he heard two shots fired and then saw the suspect get into the front passenger side of a waiting Cadillac, which then drove away. "They heard two shots fired and saw the passenger run back and get in the passengers front of the Cadillac which then sped away north on Slide road. They describe the shooter as a white male," said Lubbock Police Spokesman Bill Morgan.

The ATM where the shooting happened, at 50th and Slide, is just one block away from where Colin Schafer lived. Lubbock Police are working around the clock to find the shooter, and Schafer's close friends are hoping police can find him quickly.

Twenty-one year-old Colin Schafer, such a young, vibrant life, cut short Wednesday morning for no apparent reason. Schafer left a friends' house around 5:30 Wednesday morning but never made it home. Colin's last stop was this ATM machine and his roommates say that is not like him.

"I can't see Colin going to an ATM at six in the morning, it doesn't seem right to me," said Colin's roommate, Micah Renfro. He believes it was a random crime and that someone might have forced Colin to drive to the ATM.

Colin's other roommate, Cameron West, says he could not imagine why someone would hurt his friend. "He's such a well liked guy, soft spoken, can't think of anyone who would pre-meditate something like this. I can't fathom someone trying to hurt him on purpose," said West.

While friends and family try to sort through the confusion, Lubbock Police are trying to make sense of it all by re-tracing Colin's steps, checking bank records to see if any money was actually withdrawn and talking with anyone who had contact with Colin Tuesday night. Perhaps the most difficult part for police? "Identifying the suspect. The information on the suspect or suspects is sketchy and we need to narrow it down," said Caption Thomas Esparza.

Until police catch the killer, one major question remains: Was it a random crime, or did Colin know his attacker? It is something that will be on his friends' minds as they start the fall semester at Texas Tech without him.

"We're going to be minus a roommate and a brother," said West.

If you have any information about this crime, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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