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HealthWise: Health Headlines 9.8

  • Sexist Migraines?

More women than men suffer from migraines, which leaves researchers with one question- why?  Scientists at UCLA say cortical spreading depression (CSD), which is when waves of activity spread across the brain, may be the culprit.  In the lab, they found female mice had a much lower threshold for CSD than the males, which means it was easier to cause brain excitability and pain in the females.  The researchers hope understanding CSD will help create better migraine treatments.

  • Coffee Stress Break

Turns out, just the smell of that freshly brewed coffee in the morning can help relieve stress.  In animal studies, South Korean researchers set out to see the effects of roasted coffee bean aroma on sleepy brains.  They found that the aroma upped the activity of certain genes in the brain, including some that produce stress-busting antioxidants.

  • Muscle Saving Plants    

The average American diet is rich in acid-producing foods, like grains.  While a high grain diet generates tiny amounts of acid each day, some people accumulate too much over time, leading to muscle-wasting acidosis.  Fruits and veggies can help this problem.  US researchers found that eating potassium rich fruits, like grapefruits, could preserve up to 3.6 pounds of lean tissue in older adults over time.  That is important because loss of muscle mass can weaken leg muscles, leading to falls in older men and women.

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