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Lubbock County In Need Of More Election Day Workers

The presidential election is just less than two months away and election officials are preparing for a record turnout in Lubbock. However, they believe 800 is the magic number that will help the voting process go smoothly.

If it's names like Obama and Biden that will win your vote or McCain and Palin, no matter how you cast your ballot this November, your vote is bound to make presidential history. "I just kinda feel this one is very important," Lubbock voter Justin Lentz said.

Lentz says he hasn't voted in recent elections. But he says because of what's at stake this November he plans to head to the polls. "There could be a big swing on who gets the presidency," Lentz said.

Lentz is just one of the more than 110,000 voters Lubbock County expects to cast a ballot this November. It's a big jump compared to the more than 48,000 people who voted in the March Presidential Primary.

"This is going to be a huge election, a transformational election that's going to require extra equipment, extra people. And so we've been preparing for months," Lubbock County Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy said. 

Kennedy says in order to handle the expected high number of voters 50 Vote Centers will be open, instead of the 35 Super Precincts used in the 2006 election. However, more locations, means more is needed help. "We're trying to get our hands on 800 election workers to work on November the 4th," Kennedy said.

To become part of this election and get an official badge, Kennedy says to apply Express Personal Services. She adds get ready for some long hours. "You get paid $8 while you are training and $10 an hour on Election Day, and your day can range from 14 to 16 hours," Kennedy said. 

Tuesday, David Ariaz is helping prepare voting machines for November 4. He says despite working several election days, each is still as exciting as the first. "The sense of relief is overwhelming as well as to the excitement to know the election was carried out successfully," Ariaz said.

Election workers must be 18-years old, a Lubbock County resident and a registered voter. Again, potential election workers can apply at Express Professional Services located 81st and Boston Avenue.

If you are not yet registered to vote, you have until October 6th to do so to be eligible to vote in the November election. Use the link below to expedite your registration process.

Texas Voter Registration Application
Click here to download the Texas Voter Registration Application from the Secretary of State website. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to open this file)

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