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Pets Prescribed Prozac

Just as some pet owners are spoiling their four-legged companions with cashmere sweaters and doggie hotels, many dogs are also getting high dollar prescriptions for anxiety.

Take Rocky for example, he has been diagnosed with panic attacks. Because whenever someone leaves him alone in the house, he wets on the floor and chews on the door. His owner says he had never done that in 11-years, until recently. A hidden camera helped confirm the diagnosis.

Animal behavior specialist Rachel Malamed says, "All of these behaviors that he is exhibiting are indicative of anxiety. A relaxed dog would be lying on the floor or maybe just wandering about but if you look at his body postures, you can see he's just standing there. He barks at the door, then he paces around some more, and he's back and forth the entire time."

Dr. Malamed says she treats pets with Prozac on a weekly basis in her California office, which is what worked for Rocky. And if you think well that's just California living, NewsChannel 11 called several vets here in Lubbock and found it's not unusual for them to give Prozac to pets for separation-anxiety here.

So if your pet is driving you crazy with bizarre behavior, talk to your vet. A pill for your dog may settle your nerves as well.

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