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Anti-Alcohol Sales Petition PAC Forms

Another Political Action Committee formed to voice their opinion in the alcohol sales debate. The group met Wednesday to oppose a petition for an alcohol sales election.

While they still haven't chosen a leader or a name, the group did state a purpose statement and brainstormed some ideas of how to oppose the petition. "It shall be the purpose of this Political Action Committee to oppose all efforts to provide packaged alcohol sales in Lubbock," said PAC organizer Larry Jones. 

More than 40 Lubbock citizens at Wednesday's PAC meeting agreed they don't want an alcohol sales election, and they had some ideas of how to oppose it, including contacting each of the Chamber of Commerce members to invite them to join the opposition group if they disagree with the Chamber Board's decision to lead a petition drive. They also discussed e-mailing the Chamber Board members to ask them to reconsider their decision.

While most of the members come from religious groups, leaders say it is not a religious movement. "We welcome anybody who shares our values about people being maimed, about lives being lost, the economy deteriorating - those are my concerns," Jones said.

One of the biggest challenges the group will face is raising money.  The Chamber released a statement asking the anti-petition PAC not to take donations from those who sell alcohol. "It'll be very interesting to see if they decide whether to or whether not to take donations from companies that sell alcohol," said Let Lubbock Vote Chairman David George. 

"I certainly am not interested in tainted money - I would call it. I don't know how the committee will feel when somebody makes a donation, but all donations are public," said Jones. 

A small core group of members from the anti-petition PAC will attend a closed planning meeting in the next few weeks. They plan to have another open meeting in about a month.

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