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Two Alcohol Petitions Planned For Lubbock County

NewsChannel 11 took a closer look at the two alcohol petitions you could be asked to sign in the comings weeks. They aim to expand alcohol sales in both Lubbock city limits and the entire county.  Meanwhile, opposition formally organized Wednesday.  Their goal, to oppose all efforts to provide packaged sales in Lubbock.

Leaders of the group called Let Lubbock Vote tell NewsChannel 11 they're close to announcing when voters will be asked to sign, but those opposed say they'll continue to fight, even if the petitions are successful "We have a 60 day window; we're sliding that window around to decide what's going to be most advantageous to us," Let Lubbock Vote Chairman David George said. 

George says the petitions could be out late this month or early next month. He tells us the committee will make an announcement in the next week or so.

Here's what you'll be asked to consider: One, the legal sales of all alcohol beverages for off premise consumption. That means, beer, wine, and liquor. Another petition will call for expanded mixed beverages for restaurants and food and beverage certificate holders only. That would do away with private memberships, and allow expanded alcohol by the glass sales for establishments that serve food.

George says that right now, committee members are busy raising funds.  "We're well on our way to having a good start," George said. 

Wednesday, Larry Jones led the organization of a political action committee to oppose expanded sales.  "When citizens keep things from happening, because they value so highly the kind of community we already have, why allow our community to change," Jones said. 

While Jones works with the Lubbock Area Baptist Association, he says it's not a religious issue. He also tells us he will lot led the newly formed committee.  "I think it's unfortunate that the media has portrayed this as a Baptist versus chamber, that's not even the issue. I would prefer someone who is not a Baptist to lead us," Jones said. 

The opposition still has to choose a chairman and name for their committee. Leaders at Let Lubbock Vote need 19,000 signatures to even put alcohol sales on the ballot. If successful, they hope to put the issue up for vote in May.   

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