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Man Saves Three Dogs From Drowning

Sugar, Boog and Sebastian are three happy dogs from west Lubbock owned by the Harris family. On June 18th the dogs escaped their backyard and were gone. "The two adult dogs we've had since birth so they were part of the family the other dog was a puppy so it was pretty sad," said Angela Harris.

Two days passed and the Harris family had all but lost hope their three k-9 family members would come home. Angela recalls the days after Sugar, Boog and Sebastian went missing. "We also had reported them missing at the animal services, the shelter and they hadn't shown up there so I wasn't quite sure we were going to get them back after that long," she said.

Not far away apartments were being built and the three companions did what any good dog does, inspect things. But their inspection led them down an elevator shaft filled with two feet of water. "Those poor dogs were in there. I don't know how long they were in there but construction people called in on these dogs that they were in there. They were unable to get them out so they called us and I responded," said Leroy Gonzales with Lubbock Animal Services.

Lubbock just had days of heavy rain - filling that elevator shaft. "Eventually, if nobody saw those dogs in there, eventually they probably would have drowned," said Leroy.

So Leroy did what his animal services training taught him to do - retrieve the dogs. "They were wearing tags and a microchip so we managed to trace it down and give the owners a call. And I went ahead and returned these dogs to the owner and I told her what happened and she was thankful for me taking these dogs home," added Leroy.

For Leroy it was just another day at the office, he says. But his day at the office brought three family members home to the Harris family. "I was just really impressed that, I feel like, he went above and beyond his job. These are big dogs and I'm not really sure how small the area was that he got them out of I'm sure it was not an easy task. They were wet, cold, hungry, scared so, I know one of them may not have been very friendly so he could have turned his back but I was just really impressed with him for doing that," said Angela. 

Leroy is one of five people being profiled this week on NewsChannel 11 leading up to September 11th when they will be recognized at a special Red Cross Champions breakfast hosted by NewsChannel 11's very own, Karin McCay and Abner Euresti.

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