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Man Pleads Guilty In Death of South Plains College Student

The man accused of fatally stabbing a South Plains student says he did it. Nathan Lemer, 20, pleaded guilty to murder in a Lubbock Court Thursday morning. Lubbock Police say Lemer fatally stabbed 19-year old Bradford McIver in his apartment back in March.

On Thursday morning, friends and family looked on, as Lemer accepted a plea deal with the state to spend the next 50-years in prison.

If still alive today, McIver would have recently turned 20-years old. Instead, friends Laken Shack and Nicole Diller had to celebrate without him in July. "We just had a party for his birthday," Shack said. "If he would have been there it would have been awesome. But we had the party without him," Diller added.

Back in March, friends found McIver in a pool of blood inside his Indiana Village apartment in North Lubbock. Police say Lemer stabbed McIver and then stole from his home. Authorities tracked Lemer to Salem, Missouri, where he was arrested and brought back to Lubbock in April.

"This is a particularly evil, evil case. But you recognized that getting a case moved, getting the family past it. No appeals process, for the defendant. It's over and done with the family doesn't have to sit though a trial," Lubbock County Assistant District Attorney Tray Payne said.

A grand jury indicted Lemer on two charges, capital murder and murder. Lemer pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of murder. For that, a jury could have sentenced him to 60-years in prison. But, Lemer plead to 50 years and will likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

"Our goal when we started was to get a life sentence. So the way this came about was we had talked. The defense attorney had talked with us. It came together very quickly. We've moved a case in six months, which is what were trying to do," Payne said.

"Now ultimately we can move forward," Diller said. "(I) can honestly say we can move forward. He's gone, he'll be gone forever," Shack added.

Lemer is eligible for parole, but only after, he serves at least half of his prison sentence.

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