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Lubbock Wages War Against the Rising Water

Lubbockites have been waging war against the water with sand bags and by avoiding flooded streets when possible. But sometimes it isn't possible to avoid the water or, from the vantage point of the driver, many times the water doesn't look as deep as it really is.

That was the case Wednesday night for South Plains College student James Steele while driving to a friend's house on Avenue U.

"We were starting to come down and it was starting to get kind of heavy, like the water did, and so I started to pull over and then all of a sudden my car just stopped and I put it in park and that's when it started drifting back," said James.

James' silver Ford Mustang was quite literally being slowly swept away by the foot and a half deep water. And that just showcases the power behind this water as it moves through the streets.

And like NewsChannel 11's Chief Meteorologist John Robison says, rains are nowhere near ready to quit and that will undoubtedly make these flood waters deeper. Best advice is to stay inside, but if you have to go out, if you see water, avoid it. There is no way of knowing how deep that water is.

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