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Overton Residents Migrating South

The Garden Apartments are located in South Lubbock, just two streets North of Lowrey field. Many residents say the area was once a quiet neighborhood, but over the years that has not been the case.

Some Garden Apartment residents say they are scared to even walk out of their apartment. "Well, when I'm by myself, I am scared to go outside. When my husband gets home, I'm Okay. But when I am home alone, I just lock myself in that's it," said a Garden Apartment resident.

She also says she has been afraid of her neighbors long before Friday morning's shooting. "I sit by the window everyday and see a lot of deals. You have to be naive to not know what's going on.

Only a handful of residents feel the same way because of all the parties that go on in their neighborhood, which sometimes gets out of hand. Shamar Barnes does not live here, but does occasionally comes by because his sisters lives in Garden Apartments. "I stay down the street. There is too much commotion down here. Everybody wants to fight and argue, call the law," said Barnes.

The police know parties have been a problem in the area. "Investigators are told the block has been the site of an ongoing disturbance over the last couple of day over petty matters," said Bill Morgan, Public Information Officer for the Lubbock Police Department.

Juvenile Justice Center Director Les Brown says since North Overton has been evacuated he suspects most of those residents are moving to the South, around Lowery Field, and Southeast parts of Lubbock. "We keep statistics on all the referrals here from juvenile law violations and Overton was in one of the top three zip codes in the county with the highest juvenile crime referral rate," said Les Brown.

The Garden Apartments' manager says they have asked Lubbock Police to patrol the area more, which they have, she says.

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