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Food For Thought School Report Card 9.11

The following Lubbock schools each had one critical violations:

Coronado High School

  • Several items in the kitchen were dirty, including cartons of eggs that were on top of a bloody tray. A can opener and a mixer were also soiled.

McWhorter Elementary 

  • A mixer was dirty.

Ramirez Elementary

  • A mixer was dirty. 

Coronado High School - Catering

  • Utensils were stored in a cardboard box. They must be in a washable container.

Overton Elementary

  • Utensils in a drawer were dirty.

Now to the schools that had two critical violations each:

Lubbock High School

  • There was no thermometer in the food prep area.
  • The ice scoop was on top of the ice bin, and the mixer was dirty.

Alderson Academy

  • An employee's drink was near food items.
  • Knives were dirty.

According to the all reports, the violations were corrected during the inspections.

Now here's a look at the schools that receive and A+ with no critical violations:

  • Roscoe Wilson Elementary
  • Hutchinson Middle School
  • Smylie Middle School
  • Coronado High School (Java City)

Due to extensive coverage of the flooding in Lubbock Thursday, the complete edition of Food for Thought will air Friday on NewsChannel 11 at 10.

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