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Texas A&M Apologizes to Texas Tech

Texas Tech gets an apology from its long-time rival, Texas A&M. Recently A&M printed thousands of media guides with offensive comments, calling Lubbock an ugly city and calling Texas Tech fans "classless clowns".

But now, Texas A & M says "It's sorry."  The article in the media guide said: "Lubbock is ugly enough without any problems, but on November 3rd, the Texas Tech fans were uglier than the barren stretch of dirt some West Texans call a city."  It's referring to the time when hundreds of fans stormed the field and tore down the goal post.

On Thursday, Texas Tech University got a letter of apology from Texas A&M President Robert Gates. He said, "I want to express my personal regret over the inclusion of disparaging remarks about Texas Tech University and Lubbock in Texas A&M's football media guide. It was a lamentable mistake, for which a public apology already has been made."

For some tech fans say it wasn't good enough.  "I think the people who said it should apologize personally, publicly and profusely," said one Red Raider Fan.

"The public apology is hogwash, it's A&M's way of clearing up something that may hurt them in the future," said another fan.

Others say this incident heats up the rivarly even more.  "It's good because it intensifies rivalry between Texas Tech and Texas A&M and  so it's good to have rivarly," said one fan.

Texas A&M said about 5,000 media guides will be re-printed and about 10,000 other guides will be corrected by placing a permanent sticker over the offensive comments.  In a press release, President David Schmidly said Texas Tech accepts A&M's apology and looks forward to continuing Tech's healthy rivalry with a renewed spirit of good sportsmanship.

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