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SWAT Team Steps Down in Southwest Lubbock Neighborhood

A southwest Lubbock neighborhood is back to normal after being blocked off by police much of the day on Friday. 

Around 10 a.m. Friday morning, the SWAT team was called to the 5500 block of 83rd Street. Police tell us a suicidal man was inside the house alone and had access to high powered guns. 

The standoff was called off around 2:30 Friday afternoon. Police say they believe the man's emotional state is now stable and he is no longer a threat to himself or the public. "Clearly the public in this area, both the public that lives in this area and the public that travels this in area were in danger so the decision was made to make a swat call out and deal with this effectively. Since that time the instability that did exist has become quite stable we do not feel that the danger still exists," said Captain Greg Stevens.

Police say there is nothing else they can do.  They have to respect constitutional rights, because he is in his own home and not in a public place.

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