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Some Lubbock County Homes Surrounded By Flood Waters

Despite nearly 12 hours of no heavy rain and extra road crew efforts, some Lubbock County residents still cannot leave their driveway.

For 30 years, Jett Folsom has lived in South Lubbock County on County Road 7610. He says about every 10 years his neighborhood and this caliche road floods. "This probably the worst one I've seen," Folsom said.

At its deepest, Folsom says the water in his backyard is about four feet. "You can tell I built everything up, so it doesn't get in my house or my shop. But it messes up my well," Folsum added.

Just two houses down, a basketball court now resembles a lake, as the Franek's entire home is surrounded by water. "It was raining all night and we thought it was going to stop but it kept coming back," Taylor Franek said.

Tahra Franek added, "Our car is real small and if we try to for anywhere it will flood out."

Still, many ventured onto county roads. On University Avenue just off Woodrow Road cars bypassed barricades and headed straight for the flooded roadway.

Lubbock County Commissioner Bill McCay says road crews started work Thursday evening to keep county roads passable. In addition, Friday crews continued efforts, as they bladed mud off paved roadways. "Some of the roads have not drained well enough to do that so we've barricade those roads. As soon as the water subsides enough we're blading off those roads to try to open up as many as the main section lines," McCay said.

However, for Folsom and his neighbors it may take some magic from Mother Nature to clean all this rain. "Just pick up trash that floats and then hope it will dry up," Folsom added.

To report flooding or damage to your road you can call Lubbock County at 775 -1911. Commissioner McCay says crews are expected to work throughout the weekend to continue clearing roads.

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