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Lubbock Assesses Damage After The Flooding

Lubbock continues to clean up after more than 8 inches of rain fell Thursday. Because of the flood waters that filled area streets, many Lubbockites are now dealing with damage to their homes and businesses.

The city has been providing sand bags and doing building inspections to gauge how much damage was done in the wake of Thursday's rain. The city has up to 72 hours to get inspections done to provide FEMA an estimate of how much federal aid money is available to the citizens of Lubbock.

To do that, city building inspectors hit the streets Friday. Aubrey Long is an inspector with the city. "We have a team of 12 inspectors out to assess water damage, flood damage to properties such as residential and private commercial," Long said.

Long says most of the residential inspections they're doing are around playa lakes. Reason being, they overflowed their shores and invaded some residential streets. "The mayor has declared a state of emergency and what we're doing, we're taking an evaluation for FEMA. The first assessment of damages and making a report on those," said Long. 

"What we're doing now is putting a rough estimate together and hopefully we'll have those numbers by tomorrow (Saturday)," added director of Emergency Management, Kevin Overstreet.

With those numbers the City of Lubbock will provide FEMA with the percentage of damage done to the city. And with that number, FEMA will allot money for disaster victims.

If you have damage and you need the inspectors to come to your home or business please call 775-3191. When you call give your name, address, phone number and a description of the damage done to your property.

Message to Property Owners with Flood Damage
The Lubbock County Emergency Management team is asking homeowners and business owners to notify the appropriate agencies.

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