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Texas Airports Get Security Boost

Good news for 15 Texas airports. They will get about $37 million in Federal Grant money for safety and security improvements. The airports will receive grants ranging from $332,000 at Laredo International to $7.6 million at Dallas Love Field. Lubbock International Airport will receive $2.7 million to acquire security equipment and construct a taxiway.

With the anniversary of the September 11th attacks less than a month away, airport security and friendly skies are making headlines again. The planned improvements might be a step in the right direction, but NewsChannel 11 talked to people traveling at LIA this weekend and found there is mixed opinions about airport security.

"It's been a very safe trip coming and going. We're very pleased. We flew out of Houston and we're departing again tonight," says one Houston flyer.

"We've gone from national guards after September 11th, to the casual random searches today. I think we're getting rather loose again," says another Houston traveler.

"The security has been very good. I was asked for my ID three different times and I think it's good," says a Dallas frequent flyer.

"What I find are inconsistencies. I think additional funding may not be needed, but rather a closer look at consistency," says a frequent flyer.

Many air travelers say security needs to be more uniform from one airport to another and from one airline to another. Some say you may be asked for a picture ID at one airport or by one airline, while another allows you to board without checking your ID. Most seem to agree streamlining the security process would better guard against future terrorist attacks.

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