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Lubbock Emergency Responders Ready For Deployment To Help Hurricane Ike Victims

Emergency responders from Lubbock are preparing to head east to help those hit by Hurricane Ike. 

NewsChannel 11 has learned the state's priority is search and rescue in the East Texas and Houston areas. To do so, the state is calling on resources from across the state. One of those is the Salvation Army.

As clean up begins from Hurricane Ike's wrath, the Salvation Army of Lubbock awaits deployment. 

"My first team I'm sending Thursday, they'll probably stay a week to ten days. Then I'll probably take a second team in for the last hopefully week or ten days," Salvation Army Lubbock Disaster Coordinator Dave Freriks said.

So far, the Salvation Army has already deployed 60 mobile disaster units to the Gulf Coast and about half of them are from neighboring states. Freriks says Lubbock's mobile disaster unit is similar to the one from Midland, just larger and with a mobile kitchen.

"We like to support the first responders as much as possible because they're thirsty and hungry," Freriks said. Freriks says they'll also help provide meals to the millions of victims.

"Amarillo and Lubbock and a couple of those were kept in their community because we have to support the effort if they brought people in," Freriks added.

Currently 1,000 cots still lie ready to at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center and the City Bank Coliseum to house evacuees. Lubbock Emergency Management Director Kevin Overstreet says the Hub City may not receive any. However, he adds the state has asked Lubbock remain ready.

"Only because they have some shelters that are without power and they may need to relocate them here. So we're going to stay up until Wednesday," Overstreet said.

 It's now become a team effort to rebuild the gulf coast and Houston area. Freriks says it also shows that Texas has one of the best disaster coordination teams in the country.

"We have the equipment, man power and of course the people who want to help," Freriks said.

 If you would like to the help Hurricane Ike victims, contact the Salvation Army at (806) 765-9434. Freriks says all the money will directly to those affected by the hurricane.

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