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Flood Waters Prevent Full Inspection of Ransom Canyon Dam

Waters at Ransom Canyon dropped dramatically over the weekend. City leaders closed the roadway over the dam Friday due to the rushing water. Ransom Canyon Fire Chief Rand McPherson says the water rose about four feet above the dam, before dropping Saturday. That's when crews reopened the roadway.

Monday, the over-flow was only about three to four inches. Now, inspectors have to make sure the rushing water and debris didn't compromise the concrete barrier.

A report to Lubbock County Commissioners Monday revealed concern about damage to the Ransom Canyon Dam. Looking at it, the dam appears to be holding up fine.  "One of the things you can't see is we've got a pretty good size hole in the roadway," McPherson said. 

He says the raging water ripped out part of the roadway.  "We've got the hole covered up with big sheets of steel," McPherson said. 

The water rushed through so quickly and pushed debris with such force that it snapped a pole for the east guardrail.  We're told those poles are steel filled with concrete.  Ironically, the dam was already scheduled for repairs, starting Monday.

Now, crews will have to wait for the waters to subside, before they can see what else may need tending to.  "They'll look for voids and anything like that, that may have washed out from underneath and other structural type damage," McPherson said. 

City leaders say it could take another week for waters to drop below flood level.

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