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Consider This... The City's Efforts During the Flood

If I'm going to criticize local government when they mess things up, then I should also be thankful when local officials do a great job.

Last week we had flooding of historic proportions. It was awful. The streets were unusable, homes were damaged, businesses were ruined and lives were put in danger. But unlike the snow and ice storm of 2006 where the city was flat footed, this time the local response was great.

Immediately, the city had 5,000 sandbags put together and later it would turn into 10,000. A hotline was set up for citizens who needed help. A state of emergency was called as soon as the danger became obvious, and the city immediately came up with a plan to try to get federal money for flood victims.

Consider this, I think we ought to thank the mayor, city council, city manager, emergency operations director, firefighters & police and all the city staffers who put in overtime to help people during the flood. Thank you so much for all your help.

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