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School Zone Speed Changes

The first day is over, and thousands of Lubbock students are relieved, but as you can imagine it was a busy day, especially on the streets as speed limits changed for the first time in three months. You could see flashing lights all across town, warning drivers of the school zone speed limit. Most school zones are 20 miles per hour in Lubbock. If you get a ticket in one of these zones it is $25, on top of the regular citation fine.

Crossing guards were also out in full force, slowing traffic and assisting children across the street. School officials say overall things ran smoothly, all of the buses got out on time and whether the school you pass is on a busy street or in a neighborhood, they didn't have any major problems.

"As usual the first day of school is the toughest for the parents because they've lost that routine their times aren't quite right and they get here to discover that everyone's gotten here at the same time and everyone's in a rush, double park and safety is kind of an issue these first few days of school until we can get it back on schedule", Candice Hall, an LISD Officer said.

Here's some advice, straight from the school, high school students make sure you look before you park, businesses around the high schools have restricted parking and your cars could be towed. LISD Officers man the school campuses, but Lubbock Police Officers man the streets, and consider this your warning, they are out in full force, looking for school zone violators to protect the kids.

So far on Monday, no Lubbock Officer has turned in a citation for speeding in a school zone. Don't forget with LISD's block scheduling, schools across town start at different times, so watch for the flashing lights and signs.

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