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The Aqua Globes Part 2: Does It Work?

These watering devises made with hand-blown glass are pretty.  Last week, I was so happy to find out finally do they work!  But hold on, our test wasn't so conclusive.

I used two Aqua Globes on an outdoor hanging plant because of its size, and I had watered it thoroughly before this test. I found the Aqua Globes emptied out quickly, even after using two of them in the pot.

The box says they can keep your plants watered PERFECTLY up to two weeks.  What does that mean, really?  One Aqua Globe emptied 24 hours later.  The other one was empty by Saturday.  I refilled both one more time, and then by Monday, both were empty again. I was almost thinking this thing didn't work!

Until I decided to try an indoor plant next. This would definitely help me decide. A little potted ivy got the Aqua Globe treatment. After a week went by, I wondered down the halls of KCBD to check on this little guy. There wasn't much water left in it. It also had not been refilled. The soil felt moist, after starting this test with it dry.

I think using it on an outdoor plant is going to be tricky.  It may not last as long as you might hope. However, the Aqua Globes worked great on indoor plants!

We purchased our Aqua Globes at Wal-Mart for $10 and you get two in your package.

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