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Lufkin Company Helps Employees In Ike Aftermath

The company is called DCP Mainstream and they deal with natural elements like natural gas. But in the wake of Ike, DCP has been dealing with another element - the human element.

George Frederick is a Health and Safety Coordinator for DCP Mainstream in Lufkin, but lately George's role has shifted a bit to help his fellow employees. "Prior to June 1st each year we survey our employees that may be affected by the hurricanes and see what their needs are," says Frederick.

DCP has an employee based philosophy with the thought that if you take care of your employees, you keep good employees. "We want to make sure we can reduce and minimize the stress related to this unfortunate event and make sure our families are taken care of," adds Frederick.

So that's just what the company does. What types of things does DCP do for their families? "We're going to provide shelter for those folks. Shelter until we can think of something else to do for them closer to home because we're about 110 miles away from home," says Frederick.

But DCP doesn't stop there because even though the storm has passed, that doesn't mean the stress is over. Many parts of East Texas are without power and many will be without power for weeks to come. So DCP is going even further. "We have generators, these portable generators and the 110 window units, the air conditioners that we are providing for the employees," says Frederick.

"So your company is providing power and air-conditioning for employees after Hurricane Ike?" NewsChannel 11 asked. "Yes, yes," Frederick replied.

So why does DCP want to care for their employees so much? "DCP's greatest resource is our employees," adds Frederick.

And because of that DCP retains employees. "We do have what I would call a fairly good loyalty to our company. It's a family and we treat it as such," boasts Frederick.  

Currently there are about 100 displaced DCP workers and their families in Lufkin, and George says they'll stay here until it's safe to go home.

The folks at DCP are just one more example of people helping people in their time of need.

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