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Food For Thought Report 9.18

There were no top performing restaurants in this week's Food for Thought, only low performers.

We beginwith Dairy Queen at 7813 Slide Road with five critical violations.  Manager Logan Dollar invited NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought inside the kitchen to check things out.  

  • The inspector found sliced and diced tomatoes on the prep line holding above the safe temperature of 41-degrees.  

"We re-ice this twice a day now, instead of just the one time we were doing that," Dollar said. 

  • Chicken fried steak patties were holding below the safe temperature of 135-degrees.  

"We've got a new heat situation here with heat lamps," Dollar said. 

  • The inspector noticed an employee scoop powdered dish detergent, and then put on gloves without washing their hands.  

"It's just something that you always have to retrain and constantly stay on top of," Dollar said. 

  • The restaurant had sharply dented cans of caramel and chocolate toppings stored with non-dented cans.  

"We threw those away, and we try to do better when stock comes in at catching those kind of things," Dollar said.

  • In the walk-in cooler, an open package of pre-cooked chicken and sliced ham had no date mark, while a plastic container of turkey was marked 9/1 - 9/7 

"An employee was lazy and didn't re-date the product that had been done that day she came," Dollar said. Dollar says cleanliness, that's what they like about their restaurant, and the crew strives for success everyday. "Try to do the best we can at all times; sometimes it doesn't always happen, but we try to do the best we can," he said. 

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Food for Thought 9.18
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 9/18/08.

Now on to Home Plate Diner at 7615 University Avenue with eight critical violations.

  • Inspectors found sliced tomatoes and sliced cheese in a prep unit holding above the safe temperature of 41-degrees.
  • Chicken fried steak was holding at 106-degrees. Hot food must be at least 135-degrees.
  • A cook put on gloves without washing their hands first.
  • A cook grabbed a hamburger bun without gloves, and the inspector says the restaurant did not have a bare hand contact policy. Ready to eat foods, such as buns, must be handled with gloves, utensils, or an approved bare hand contact policy.
  • An ice scoop handle was on the drink machine. It needs to be in container or placed handle up in ice. 
  • While Home Plate Diner on University has a Certified Food Manager, they were cited for not properly training employees due to the number of violations. 
  • There was no thermometer in a prep unit,
  • The inspector found solid utensils and a melted and cracked spatula with clean utensils.

The manager tells us: "Our main concern is our customers and we would not do anything intentionally to harm them. Everything indicated in the report has been corrected."

Next at bat is the Home Plate Diner at 3515 50th Street with seven critical violations.

  • Sliced cheese, tomatoes, and other items in a prep area were holding above the safe temperature of 41-degrees.
  • An employee used a wiping cloth, then put on new gloves without washing their hands.
  • The inspector found a drink without a lid on a shelf with clean dishes.
  • An employee used a wiping cloth, then removed their gloves, and placed cheese on a hamburger. Ready to eat foods must be handled with gloves, utensils, or an approved bare hand contact policy. The inspector says Home Plate Diner on 50th does not have a bare hand contact policy.
  • Two bottles with cleaning solution were hung on a shelf with food and food contact items.
  • The inspector found no certified food manager for the facility.
  • The inspector observed a soiled can-opener on a prep table and knives being stored between a cutting board and the front side of a steam table and a bun warmer with heavy oil, debris, and build-up next to the grill.

The manager tells us that staffing issues prevented her from becoming the certified food manager, but she is enrolled now.  She also tells us staff had a mandatory meeting to discuss proper procedures immediately after their inspection. She says everything has been corrected, they'll continue to strive for perfection.

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