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City Behind Stars Once Again

On Tuesday a seven year Lubbock juvenile delinquent program was almost cut altogether, but discussion about the Star program convinced most city council members to financially put in their 100% commitment.

In 1995, the city, county, and school made a joint commitment to put in one third of their money into the program that straightens out juvenile delinquents. But because of tight budgets, the city was looking to pull half of their funds out of the star program, and eventually phase out their end of the deal.

During a joint session Tuesday, the school and the county convinced most council members to reconsider. "I don't think anyone is going to argue whether the Star Program works. Our crime rate is down, we just got that in recently. Achieving the goal is working and I think this is a part of that," said Mayor Marc McDougal.

Each pay $120,000 toward the Star Program. Last year, 344 juveniles went through the program. 40% of those children came from school referrals, 23% came from county courts, and 30% came from municipal court referrals. The remaining 7%, from district courts.

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