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Eating May be to Blame for Car Accidents, Not Cell Phones

There is been a lot of talk about the dangers of chatting on a cell phone while driving. But a new study indicates there are many more activities to worry about in cars on the road today.

"Well, a study has shown that it's dangerous to eat food while you're driving, and more so than actually using your cell phone," says Susan Stewart of AAA. Susan says cell phone use is a valid concern among drivers, but it is at the bottom of the list when it comes to the frequency of driver distractions.

The study, funded by the Automobile Association of America, says of the estimated 284,000 distractions that cause serious crashes, 15% of the drivers simply were not paying attention. About 30% reported a distraction outside their vehicle. 11% blame fiddling with a radio or CD player. A little more than 10% say talking with other passengers caused their crash. Then it seems 2.8% of the respondents say they were adjusting the climate or something else in their car. While eating and drinking comes in at 1.7%, notice that's right above cell phone use which is 1.5%.

The bottom line is, according to the AAA study is that distractions, no matter what the cause, have no place behind the wheel.

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