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West Nile Moves to Lubbock

The West Nile virus finds a host in Lubbock County in another sign that of how fast it can move. The South Plains Veterinary Clinic in Slaton says two Lubbock horses have contracted the West Nile virus. One of the infected horses was put to sleep on Friday, the other horse is recovering but is still lethargic. The veterinarian said the horse hasn't progressed enough for them to believe he'll be ok, they suspect she will have brain damage.

Nine horses have now been infected with West Nile. Two horses in Swisher County, two in Briscoe, one in Deaf Smith, one in Floyd County, and one in Roberts. The latest, is now these two in Lubbock County.

All horses need to be vaccinated. The South Plains Vet Clinic has vaccinated more than 300 horses in the last two months, triple the number of vaccines they usually give.

As for people, there is no vaccine but there are some prevention tips from the Health Department.

  • Wear long sleeves and pants outside.
  • Avoid areas with standing water.
  • Wear a good bug spray if you know your going to be outside.

In a recent report researchers tested all the bug sprays and lotions on the market and determined that "Off: Deep Woods" with DEET works the longest, protecting against mosquitos for 5 hours.

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