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Lubbock's 100 Year Flood Causes Pesky Problem

By now, the flooding is nearly gone. However, the more than seven inches of rain the Hub City received last week has created a pesky problem. The City of Lubbock says due to that water and warm temperatures mosquitoes are on the rise.

The game plan is to attack early so these annoying enemies cannot multiply. "We've been checking the water to see if we've had mosquito development and where we do find mosquitoes developing we're treating the water to try to kill them in the water," City of Lubbock Health Department Vector Control Manager Rick West said.

West oversees the mosquito battle. He says crews started monitoring the problem as soon as some of the floodwaters dried up. "During the day we're out checking water sources and if we don't happened to check water the next day we're out spraying," West added.

West says he expects to send trucks out like these to spray for mosquitoes either Monday or Tuesday night.

An increase in the mosquito population isn't the only problem to come from the flooding. It is also to blame for more ants crawling around. "Ants of all different kinds you're going to see them pushed up out of the ground and you're getting a lot more imported fire ants here in town," Gafford Pest Control Services Owner Tim Gafford said. 

Gafford says you typically see an increase in ants after it rains, as they come up to avoid drowning. "When you have the mound up above ground because you know where they are at and that's a good time to treat, especially the fire ants because you'll know you have them. Either put some bait out or call a professional," Gafford said.

 The same goes for mosquitoes. West says it's best to remove standing water from around your home, as it limits where they can breed. "We know they are out there, we're trying to get to them as fast as we can and people can help us out by checking their house. Don't grow your own mosquitoes," West said.

As always, your best defense is the four "D's":

  • Avoid outdoors at Dusk and Dawn; that's when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Dress in long sleeves and long pants.
  • Use insect repellent with DEET.
  • Drain any standing water in your yard.

To report a mosquito problem in your neighborhood call the city's Mosquito Hotline at 775-3110.

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