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Couple Prays for Rain on Wedding Day

On August 16, 2008 high school sweethearts Brian and Loren Kuebler got married in Arlington, Texas. What was already one of the happiest days of their life got even better just a few hours before the wedding.

"We were all getting ready and I called the weather service here in Lubbock and the guy told me, so yup. That's when we knew," said Brian. 

Calling the weather service in another city isn't something most people do on their wedding day, but that call told the couple it rained more than an inch in Lubbock that day.  That meant they were getting their more than $5,000 wedding ring set for free.

They bought their rings more than a year ago from Myers and Farrar Jewelers in Lubbock, who run a Pray for Rain promotion.

"I signed the contract not thinking it would ever happen for the Pray for Rain, and then it did," said Brian. 

The promotion says if it rains more than an inch in Lubbock on your wedding day, you get your wedding rings free, and no one was more surprised than the owner of the store, Richard Scudder. "Oh my God. I'm gonna have to write some big checks because two of my best customers are getting married," he said. 

Scudder's ran the promotion at multiple stores for the past six years, and this is the first time he's ever had to pay up. The two ring sets he paid for totaled almost $14,000.  He didn't have an insurance policy on the promotion, so it's all coming out of pocket. Scudder says he's happy to do it, as long as it doesn't happen too often.

"Pray for rain. Come on in guys. I need the money now for sure," he said laughing. 

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