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BMX Stunt Riders Draw Crowds at the Fair

One of the free performances at the fair is the BMX Bike Stunt Show. Riders fly more than 12 feet in the air. The performers travel all over the country, so they spend most of the year living out of a suitcase.

During the Panhandle South Plains Fair, Rob Nolli and his team try to dazzle audiences with their BMX bike tricks. Nolli started riding about 25-years ago, and he's won the bronze medal at the ESPN X-Games.

While they're at the fair, the riders only spend about two hours a day performing. The rest of their time is spent setting up for shows, hanging out at the hotel and practicing. "We just take off on our bikes, and it's called street riding. We go find different obstacles to ride," said Nolli. 

The group members perform all over the country about eight months a year, so they spend a lot of time on the road. Nolli said, "Pretty much year round, about 200 days a year."

All the traveling can be tough.  Team member Trevor Meyers said, "I've been in airports for like 16 hours before."

Sometimes Nolli wakes up and forgets what city he's in, but he says it's all worth it because he gets paid to do what he loves. "Getting to ride my bike, even when I'm at home on off time I'm at the skate park riding," Nolli said. 

The BMX riders will put on three shows a day while they're at the fair, and then they have a few weeks off before they hit the road again. For Your Cell Phone
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