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Texas Coverage 8.21

The first Enron executive pleaded guilty on Wednesday in Houston. The Justice Department calls it a milestone in its effort to prosecute criminal conduct at the former Houston based energy giant. Michael Kopper pleaded guilty to money laundering and wire fraud. He used to run Enron Global Finance. Kopper agreed to turn over $12 million in illegally obtained assets. That money will help repay Enron workers and investors.

President Bush says it is in the world's interest, not just America, to oust Saddam Hussein. Bush spoke to reporters at his ranch in Crawford on Wednesday. The president is not saying just how the U.S. intends to do that, or whether he believes a military strike is the best way. But, he says Saddam is a threat, and that the Iraqi leader doesn't intend to respect human life or be a peaceful neighbor.

Meanwhile, just down the road at Ft. Hood, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld met with members of the armed forces and their families on Wednesday. He spoke strongly against people who are privy to classified information, who then leak it to the media.

"They got it from somebody who was cleared for the handling of classified information, who for whatever reason, self-aggrandizement, wanting to be seen as knowing a lot, wanting to ingratiate themselves with the press, are willing to put people's lives at risk. It is inexcusable," said Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld also spoke about a new trade agreement between Iraq and Russia. He says he would not have a problem with that because Iraq owes Russia a great deal of money.

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