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Coffee Catches that May Help or Harm Your Health

Coffee has been a favorite for hundreds of years. Millions depend on it for a pick-me-up in the morning and a kick start after that. It has been a long standing debate over whether all that caffeine is safe or not.

Now, Dr. Stanley Segall, a Food Scientist at Drexel University takes the coffee brew-ha-ha a step further arguing we don't hear enough about the benefits of coffee. "In fact, green tea and coffee are very close together in their amount of anti-oxidant activity," says Dr. Segall.

You know antioxidants help keep body cells healthy. They are also found in dark beer and red wine. But Dr. Segall says to get the most benefit from your coffee, buy the whole bean. Store it in the freezer and grind only what you need. Then, use a filter to trap the fatty acids in coffee that may increase cholesterol. He also says if you drink it in moderation and take it easy on the cream and sugar, you can enjoy the benefits of coffee.

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