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The Flip Fold Ultimate Folding Tool: Does It Work?

There is a product out there called The Flip Fold Ultimate Folding Tool. Launderer Janie Fernandez folds clothes at the coin laundry off University and was willing to see what the Flip Fold worked, so we showed her.

"Well, it looks pretty neat but I need to see how it works," Janie said. So we showed her how it works. There are three different flaps labeled A, B, and C. Janie took the T-Shirt, laid it face down on the palate and folded flap A first. Then she folded flap B. This folded both sides of the shirt. Again, she took flap A and folded it one more time to fold in the sleeve. Finally, she folded flap C upwards. This resulted in a perfect fold! Both Janie and I were really amazed how it worked, and how it worked so fast. We both agreed it was a fun tool to use.

Not only does it fold shirts, but towels and pants too. We gave it a shot on those types of garments, and sure enough, the Flip Fold worked again! The only downfall Janie noticed was, "some people like to fold their shirts or towels a certain way, so this might not work for them."

For the most part, the Flip Fold was a success and it does work!

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