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Food On A Stick: A Staple of The South Plains Fair

Eating is one of the most popular things to do at the Panhandle South Plains Fair, but often that fair food is on a stick. In fact, there are several items to choose from which are served skewered.

"Cheese on a stick," Faith Haralson said. "We got pig on stick," Sally Kennedy with St. John's United Methodist Youth said.

Some use it to eat. While for others, it is convenience. "You don't have to hold it, it's all on a stick," Alexander Bell said.

"It's easier that way. Don't have to find a table you can eat and walk and look all at same time," Crissy Haralson added.

From cheese to batter-dipped hot dogs, either way when it comes to taking a bite at the South Plains fair, many times it's off a stick. In fact, there are about 10 different foods sold on stick, many of which come fried. "Deep fried and on a stick it's better," Lacey Nobles said.

Ed Ainsworth runs the Corn Dog Co-op, which provides sticks for eight vendors, six corn dog booths and two cheese on a stick stands. "Ordered about 120,000," Ainsworth said. "That's a lot of sticks." 

One of the most popular foods to eat at the South Plains Fair is the corn dog, which dates as far back as the Texas State Fair from 1938. But since then, that meal on a stick has come a long way as you can now even get a dessert on stick! "We freeze our cheese cakes," Chris Lopez with Ministerios Nueva Vida said. 

Lopez sells cheesecake on stick. He says once the cakes are made they're cut and frozen. "Then when they order it we dipped it in chocolate and put it on the nuts," Lopez explained.

From sweets, to meats and fried things, all can be found at on a stick, which Haralson says is one of the many staple experiences of the South Plains Fair.

If you want to head out here for breakfast or lunch, entrance to the fair is free before 1 p.m. during the week and 10 a.m. on weekends.

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Panhandle South Plains Fair
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