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Common Household Item Can Be Helpful to Pet Owners

Now to something else I‘ve learned that I want to share with every pet owner, HealthWise.  

We have had grandparents in town with us for a few days. Me-ma was in the middle of sorting all her pills, but turned away for a minute. That's when our dog, Spanky, ate three big pills.

I called Animal Medical Center and learned if your dog is poisoned, it's a good idea to have hydrogen peroxide at home. A drink of that stuff will make your dog throw up, which is what we needed Spanky to do.  

Of course, just like with kids, you don't want all poisons to come back up. So, be sure to call your vet to describe what kind of pills or poison your dog got into. Also be sure to tell them how much your dog weighs so they can tell you how much hydrogen peroxide you need to make your dog drink, because too much can irritate the lining of their stomachs.

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