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Plainview Pastor Goes "Up in the Air for Kids"

Pastor Tom Reusch, the youth minister for the First Assembly of God in Plainview, is 27 feet above the church off I-27. He's been there since Sunday and it's all part of an effort to raise money for kids across the world. "I'm going to be up here at total of seven days," said Reusch.

His week-long living space is not much to speak of. At 6'2" Pastor Tom is taller than the width of the small area at the top of the scissor lift which is nearly 30 feet in the air. "I really didn't know how to game plan for this one. I just have tried to do it as we're going along, but it's kind of going as expected. I expected to get mosquitoes, but I don't get any of them," said Reusch.

There is no restroom, no air conditioner and only a small tent for cover, but Pastor Tom's concern isn't comfort, it's kids. "We're trying to help kids around the world who need clean water, food, education (and) health care, and we're just trying to do our part to make a difference in the world today," said Reusch.

"Up in the Air for Kids" is a worldwide effort to raise money for needy children. From billboards to business rooftops, children's ministry leaders spend days on end up in the air to bring awareness of programs benefiting kids in need around the world. "We've had a real good response. It feels like the longer I am up here the more people are getting involved and the more support we are seeing from the community. There are several ways that people can donate, but my favorite is when people actually come by the site and say 'hi' to me when I am bored and lonely up here. We have a bucket up here that we lower down and people can put money in the bucket."

 Reusch says their goal is to raise $5,000, and as he mentioned, there are multiple ways you can donate, without actually going to Plainview. You can call the church at (806) 293-1637 or you can click here to donate online or simply learn more about the event.

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