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Booster Shots Aren't Just for Babies

Most people are serious about getting babies immunized, but did you know there are up to eight vaccines, or booster shots, that are earmarked just for grownups? 

Dr. Julie Morita, of the Chicago Department of Public Health, says, "Many adults don't feel like they're at risk or that they're vulnerable for these diseases. They think about vaccines being for children.   But there are many old and new vaccines that are recommended for adults". In fact, the government has recommended three relatively new adult vaccines: shingles (if you are over 60), whooping cough or pertussis, and HPV for younger women to protect against cervical cancer.  

Although these three boosters are recommended, the CDC says that less than 10% of the adult population is up to date on vaccines. The Lubbock Health Department says that all of these vaccines are available to adults for just $10 dollars per shot but they are running very low on the shingles vaccine, with only about a dozen left.  

Those wanting the shingles vaccine will be vaccinated on a first come, first serve basis. For more information, call the Lubbock Health Department at (806)775-2935.

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