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City Waging War Against Pesky Mosquitoes

There's a battle afoot in the Hub City. It's between Lubbockites and mosquitoes and it's a pesky problem that's persisted for too long. "There's a lot of mosquitoes out here. They were just like swarming, you couldn't get away from them," said one citizen.

City of Lubbock Vector Control says they're doing all they can to fix this pest problem. "We know there are lots of mosquitoes. We know there are millions of mosquitoes out there," says Rick West with the City of Lubbock Health Department.

So the City of Lubbock has a plan of attack against the little pests. "We'll be running 8, 9 hour shifts through the night and through the weekend. We'll be out spraying Friday, Saturday and Sunday night," says West.

But only at night. When we went by the holding lot for the trucks Wednesday, we found all six Vector Control trucks sitting idle. So why aren't there trucks out 24 hours a day? "Well, the main reason is mosquitoes, during the daylight, are up resting in areas of tall weeds. If they're not flying, we're not going to get interception," says West.

Therefore, spraying for mosquitoes during the day is virtually fruitless. When asked how long it will take before they are able to get the high number of mosquitoes under control, "We should have a little better control within the next week or 10 days," West replied.

West says the reason there are so many mosquitoes seemingly out of the blue and all at once has to do with the rain we had a few weeks before the flooding rains on September 11. "We have these mosquitoes that we call flood water mosquitoes where the eggs have been laid up along the edge of the water and when the water rises, the egg hatches, the larva develop and you get another cycle of adults," West says.

So what can be done to ward off the mosquitoes? "If this one's not working then I'm going to try this one and then this one. Anything to keep the mosquitoes off," says Lubbock resident Cathey Allamon, who uses several sprays to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

While three disc golfers at Mackenzie Park, Dalton McNew, Ty Arjona and Rodney McNew, have an addition to the Off solution. "Swatting them away and wearing Off as much as we can."

 "Is the Off helping?" NewsChannel 11 asked. "Somewhat," they replied.

According to West, the mosquitoes will be around for a couple more weeks, so click on the links below for more helpful information on dealing with this pesky pest problem.

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