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When the Fair Closes For the Night, Some Folks Never Leave

There are nearly 60 carnival rides for you to hop on here at this year's South Plains Fair. However, the rides don't run themselves. Each night dozens of carnival folks go to work to run the rides and make some of the fair food. But when the fair closes and you head for home, many carnival workers never even leave the fairgrounds.

For nine days out of the year, the Ferris wheel goes around and the Super Shot drops due to the efforts of dozens who live on the north side of the South Plains Fairgrounds. "This my living quarters, it has full restroom facilities," Miller Spectacular Shows Food Manager Craig Miller said.

Miller lives just feet away from where he works overseeing all the carnival food booths. More than a week and a half ago, Miller, along with dozens of other carnival workers, rolled several mobile homes into the Hub City and started to set up fair rides. "We're one of the only carnivals that travel three different time zones. Next week we'll make our third time zone," Miller said

Miller is on the road about nine months a year ending up in a different town nearly every week. And at each stop, a mobile apartment and storage shed is where he lives. "It's amazing how many can fit in something like that - in the small space," Miller said.

Miller is just one of about 50 people that live on the north side of the fairgrounds, and just like how each home in your neighborhood is different, the same goes for this mobile community. "Four bunk rooms in this tuck and the last one is a shower," Miller explained.

By day, Peter Basdukho makes funnel cakes. But once this fryer quits sizzling Peter goes home to his mobile apartment. "It's all what you need. You come from work, you're tired and you need a bed. Go into bed and you sleep," Basdukho said.

"It seems to you guys different. To us it is just normal life. It's fun - you get to travel a lot," Miller added.

Miller tells NewsChannel 11 the mobile town will pack up after the fair closes Saturday night and start rolling out early Sunday morning.

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