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Local Political Parties Reaching Out to Fairgoers

With the excitement surrounding this year's presidential election, the South Plains Fair has become part of the political arena.

This is the first year the Republican Party has had a booth at the fair, but one of the issues both parties agree on is making sure people get out and vote.

"Obama has the change," said one man at the fair.

"McCain all the way," said one woman at the fair.   

Although some people have their minds made up, according to an AP Yahoo News poll, 18 percent of likely American voters are still undecided, and some have been visiting both parties' booths at the South Plains Fair. "It's very important in any election campaign to reach out to the voters to give them honest information," said Dr. Neale Pearson with the Lubbock County Democrats.    

"We've had a few who really don't know what they want to do at all. So we are trying to give them some information to distinguish between the parties so they can decide which party best suites their values," said Irene Howell with the Lubbock County Republicans.   

"I haven't at this time decided who I'm voting for. I'm going to still look at the debates and pray about which way I need to go," said undecided voter Brenda Nichols. 

But a main goal for both parties at the fair is get people registered to vote, no matter what their party affiliation. "We are registering voters and we are also making material available for the Barack Obama and Joe Biden's candidacy and presidency," said Pearson.   

"October 6 is the last day to register for early voting starting October 20, so we want them to at least have a choice, if you don't register you don't have a choice," said Howell. 

Both parties will be set up until the fair is over. You can stop by to check them out and get signs and apparel for the party of your choice.

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