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The Snap Capp: Does It Work?

I was told to find a woman at the fair who has a booth and is selling a product people have told me I need to test. 

So off I went in search of Linda Hulsey and a product called the Snap Capp.  "You can take it on the motorcycles, ATVs, in the boat, camping," said Linda.  

The Snap Capp is supposed to turn your canned beverage into a bottle.  "Keeps fizz in for two to three days after it is opened," Linda said.

That's nice talk, but can it walk the walk? Linda showed me how it works. "Open the can, press the lid against the can, and slip it on. You'll hear a click," she said.

That didn't happen for me that easy. I had to press hard - really hard - until finally, I snapped the cap on the can.  "OK, I'm going to take a sip," I said.

The can did not leak all over me and when we dropped it on the table, the soda never leaked.  Each Snap Capp will cost you $3.50 and you have all sorts of colors to chose from. I think this is a neat gadget!

You can find Linda and the Snap Capp in the Merchants Building at the Panhandle South Plains Fair.

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