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Area Leaders Spend the Day at Lake Alan Henry

The invitation only party gave our city council a better idea how to manage the resources of a lake 60 miles away. It was a party with a twist, a chance for fun, mixed with a little education. Lake Alan Henry is one of the City of Lubbock's biggest assets and on Thursday, leaders from across the South Plains gathered at the lake to see what it's all about.

"I think it's a very important lake as far as providing water for the City but it's also a recreational area for the next 30 to 50 years for the people of Lubbock, so I'm out here to see if I'm going to be in favor of development of this lake somewhere down the road," said LISD Superintendent Jack Clemmons.

LISD Superintendent Jack Clemmons was one of many that took a tour of Lake Alan Henry for the first-time today, along with City Councilman Frank Morrison. "I'm real impressed with it, the water's real clean and clear and you can see fish in the water and it's real nice. One thing that really struck me and I also thought it when I saw it from the land is that it's a real narrow lake and I have a concern that if we get too many boats out here we're going to have an accident," says Frank Morrison.

Development around the lake is a hot topic, many want to see better facilities, while others want to keep it simple, for it's original purpose as a water source and for it's beauty. "Our intentions are to keep it beautiful, to keep as much of the greenery and the trees and terrain as possible, so we're really trying to work with the City of Lubbock as best we can to make sure we keep the beauty of this lake as it is," said Cliff Kitten with North Ridge Development.

Fisherman Robert Craig says he appreciates the lake, but wishes they'd add a few amenities. "They certainly need that another boat dock and restrooms both."

City Councilman Gary Boren was pleased with the turnout, he organized the event, hoping the people that would be making decisions on the lake in the upcoming months would see it and what it has to offer first.

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