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A Less Painful Procedure That Can Take a Decade Off Your Face

You probably know by now that Botox injections erase forehead wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles which cause them, but the effect is temporary. Even so, many patients are willing to come back every four months or so to get the procedure again and again. But did you know that plastic surgeons offer a more lasting solution that may be more suitable and even more affordable?

In this case, plastic surgeon Mark Zukowski marks the area that he'll be working on. Under local anesthetic, two small incisions behind the hair line are made. Once under the skin, Dr. Zukowski will disrupt the muscles causing the wrinkles. This procedure is called Selective Endoscopic Wrinkle Surgery. And the patient, Susan, watches as a tiny camera illuminates the muscles causing her wrinkles. And, using local anesthesia, Dr. Zukowski snips away bits of those muscles.

"This is a very thick muscle right here, to my mark. This corresponds to the big wrinkle mark. You never want to remove it completely. The patient will still be able to activate the muscle in the forehead. They can still look furious, but they have a kinder, gentler look to them," says Dr. Zukowski.

Within half an hour, the procedure is over with little or no bruising, and patients return to work in a couple of days. Six days after surgery, Susan's forehead looks a lot smoother, but she can still frown if she wants to. A similar procedure in Lubbock is referred to as the Browlift. Most plastic surgeons do that, and I was told at the office of Dr. Jane Rowley on Thursday that Botox is perhaps the best choice in younger patients who want to erase fine lines. But in older patients with deep set wrinkles, the Browlift can turn back the clock and last about 10 years. The cost for a Browlift is about $2,200.

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