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Safety After the Bell

"Okay, it's time to go home. Will you all be good kids, go to your lockers, and get your backpacks," says Kim Butler, kindergarten teacher.

It's a race for freedom, and while it may look like after-school chaos, this school keeps up with every child, until they get where they need to be. Every morning, Felicia Fuentes lets her daughter know where and when she'll be picking her up. That's what Principal Ann Archer says every parent should do.

"Establish a meeting place with their child and try to park in that same place everyday," says Archer. In other words, parents should be consistent. Child safety is very important, and that's why at Smith Elementary, teachers wait with their younger students before their parents pick them up.

"They make sure she goes home with the right parents, and they ask her is this your mom and she says yeah," says a mother, Felicia Fuentes.

Let's say a child is picked up early. Their parent or guardian needs to sign in at the office first, show a picture ID, and then the child can leave school. "There's a note we sign at school, a piece of paper, to let them know who's going to pick her up, so they know if it's not going to be me, it'll be her grandma," says Fuentes.

Simple steps are crucial for every child, not just one, but all 173 days of the school year.

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