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Police Say SW Lubbock Home Invasion Is Random Act Of Violence

Imagine you are asleep and suddenly sounds awake you. You rush out to find robbers inside your home. Nearly a week ago one Lubbock man came face to face with that reality. On Thursday, police called it a random act of violence.

"I never thought it would happen in Lubbock," home invasion and robbery victim Jerry Clark said.

It was about 3:15 a.m on Friday. Clark and his wife are asleep in their new home in the 11,000 block of Kirby Avenue, when they were awoken by strange sounds. "The alarm was going on and I opened the door," Clark said.

Clark says he walked out of his bedroom to see two men trying to steal a flat screen TV. "So I saw the silhouettes - they were juveniles because they had to reach up to reach the top of the TV," Clark said.

Police say three Hispanic males kicked in Clark's font door. Apparently two went after the TV while a third went to another bedroom. Clark says he yelled at the two in his living room and chased after them. "I really don't think they thought anybody was here. I want to believe that," Clark explained.

Clark and his wife moved into the neighborhood about three weeks ago. It is a neighborhood that is not known to have such crimes. However, suddenly Friday morning Clark was standing outside when a third suspect stuck him. "I saw something in his hand. It was large and black. I don't think it was a gun but it was something large. And I don't remember seeing him swing, but he hit me and I went down," Clark explained.

Clark says the man who hit him was a heavyset Hispanic male who casually walked out of his home after the two other suspects ran. "I stumbled to my feet, I was dripping blood, I thought I had a good gash," Clark said.

Instead of gash, Clark had a broken cheekbone. On Monday, a plastic surgeon put titanium plates in his face and he is now recovering. Clark has stitches on his face, two black eyes along with bruising around his neck.

Still Clark says it could have been worse and is speaking out so others do not become victims. "The two juveniles they we're not going to do anything but steal things. The other guy was hard-core and he needs to be separated. He needs to be put away," Clark said.

 If you saw or know anything about this crime, you're urged to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

Police recommend to not chase after suspects instead they say it's best to call for help.

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