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Sharp Advice: Controlling Asthma

Asthma has become a very common disease and in some cases can even become life threatening.  Asthma occurs when the main air passage of your lungs the bronchial tubes become inflamed which can cause minor wheezing to severe difficulty in breathing.  In her segment, "Sharp Advice", Marsha Sharp explained that, while it is a dangerous disease, there are options to control the symptoms. 

Dr. Robert Mamlok, MD, TTUHSC pediatrician, says, "We know that our hospitals tend to fill up come the late fall early winter period.  We've got the triple whammy of viral respiratory season and weather changes and potentially increased particulate matter in the air.  Those are things that tend to be quiet hard on people with sensitive airways."

The good news is that people affected with allergies and asthma have ways to keep these issues under control

Dr. Mamlok, adds, "I think it is important for people to realize that illnesses like asthma - even though we don't have a cure yet - we really can control them with good care and that is important and good thing.  Our recent Olympic pool was filled with athletes who won medals with relatively severe and moderate asthma; so, that is a good thing to know.  I think secondly if people have allergies that they should talk with their doctors and not accept that as their lot in life.  There is an arsenal of things to help people and perhaps most important if you're having family members who are having breathing trouble, give it the attention that it deserves; it can be an emergency if a child isn't responding well to medication and that should never be neglected."

Another way that you can control your asthma is through exercise.  Exercise helps to stretch the lungs and bronchial tubes that in turn may help reduce the resistance to breathing.

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