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Students & Fans Rally to Support Tech Hockey

Texas Tech Hockey could be just one game away from the end of their program. This comes after a Lubbock City Council decision Thursday ended the team's lease with the only ice hockey venue in Lubbock - the City Bank Coliseum.

On Friday, the team played what could be their second to last game. Because of that, Texas Tech students came together Friday to get a petition signed to let the Lubbock City Council know just how important hockey is to them. "The city of Lubbock is trying to get rid of Texas Tech Hockey, so we're trying to keep it.  We're getting petitions to the students. It's for the kids, it's for the students. We're not doing anything wrong. We're doing a good thing for the community, and I wish they would reconsider and let us stay," student Christi Watkins said.

As of Friday afternoon the students had nearly 1,000 of the 5,000 signatures they want to collect.

Another person passionate about Tech hockey is a man by the name of Dale Dorsett. He drove 2000 miles to see Friday's game for his son, Landry, a hockey player.

Dorsett offered his take on the issue. "Sports are supposed to bring all the kids together and the parents and the fans. It's just, it's very unfortunate. And I really believe that there's got to be something that the public doesn't know about why this is happening, because a lease does not expire overnight. This has happened for a long time. And I think hopefully at the city council meeting on Monday at 4 o'clock we can really find out what is behind the reasoning to evict," he said.

A town hall meeting has been called for Monday at 4 p.m. The meeting will take place City Council Chambers at City Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

City Council Pulls the Ice Out From Under Tech Hockey
The Lubbock City Council pulled the power play on Texas Tech Hockey Thursday, informing Coach Paul Fioroni that they will not be able to play at the City Bank Coliseum anymore and must vacate the premises immediately.

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