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Police Identify Lubbock Woman Shot In Clovis, NM

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

NewsChannel 11 has new information about the mysterious, double shooting in Clovis, New Mexico that killed a Lubbock woman. 

Police identified the woman late Friday evening as 36-year-old Melissa Ward.  Authorities say someone shot Ward in the head. They found her in the back seat of a car that crashed through a concrete wall late Thursday night.

Witnesses tell NewsChannel 11 they heard gunshots before the accident.  "We heard gunshots, and we thought they was shooting at us, and we all got kinda scared you know like screaming. Everybody started screaming and then we heard a big boom when they hit the wall, and we see the sparks and smoke coming up, and then we ran to the scene," Brandon Parker said.  

When they got to the scene, witnesses were surprised by what they saw. Two victims, Ward and 53-year-old Gary Payne of Melrose, New Mexico. "The driver, he was just like laying on the street just bleeding real bad," Parker said. 

Around 11 p.m. Thursday, Clovis Police were dispatched to a car that had driven through a concrete wall, but when they arrived on the scene they discovered the two people in the vehicle weren't only victims of a car accident. They were victims of gunshot wounds to the head as well.

Police say someone fired the shots from inside the car. "There was blood found on a fence where somebody grabbed it jumping over the fence, so we know that there was somebody else involved," Clovis Police Captain Patrick Whitney said.  

EMS transported both victims to Plains Regional Medical Center in Clovis where Ward was pronounced dead. Payne was later air-flighted to a Lubbock hospital where he later died. Police have no suspects at this time, but they did find evidence in the car including a pistol, marijuana, and Ward's cell phone.  "Trying to find out what the events were as far as last calls placed, last calls that she received, and people that may have known her," Whitney said. 

Both bodies will undergo autopsies in Albuquerque, while the major crimes unit continues the investigation.  If you know anything about these shootings, you are urged to call the Curry County Crime Stoppers at (575) 763-7000.

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