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Grilling Safety

The familiar sound that makes your mouth water, but cooking meat, and shiskabobs can take a while. And when the flame begins to fizzle most cooks just reach for the charcoal fluid. Grilling guru, Ray Bonner says that is not a good idea.

"They'll squirt a lot of charcoal fluid on the grill, then they'll strike a match and it'll blow up. That flame will run right up fluid right in his face," says Ray Bonner, owner of The Outdoor Chef.

Ray says a safer alternative is a charcoal chimney. With this gadget, you don't have to use lighter fluid. "Put coals in here, newspaper or even a little starter, and the way it's made, it brings all the flames up. 15-20 minutes later you've got hot coals, it's lit and you just drop it in the fire ready to cook," he says.

Even if you have a gas grill you still need to take precaution. That is why it is important to light it properly. "A lot of people stand over the grill to light it but they shouldn't, they can light it on the side through this hole, right where the burner is."

Just a few grilling tips to help make your cook out fun and safe.

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