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Good News for Sufferers of NPH

Just because your parents or your grandparents are getting up in years, does not mean you have to expect difficulty-walking, trouble keeping balance, confusion, or even problems like incontinence.  Likewise, if you feel like you have suddenly aged overnight, there is a good reason to get those symptoms checked out.  Sometimes what appears to be Parkinson's, dementia, or Alzheimer's, is instead a neurological disorder called normal pressure hydrocephalus, or NPH.

The good news is it can be fixed.  Dr. Michael Kaplitt, a neurosurgeon, says, "The brain is not handling the amount of fluid it makes everyday well.  Therefore, you get this very slight and slow build up and that causes a little bit of pressure on the brain.  It often causes a little bit of leakage of spinal fluid into the brain."

There are several treatment options.  One option is surgery to place a shunt in the brain to drain the excess fluid and relieve the pressure.

If you feel like your aging overnight, talk to your doctor about it.  You may be surprised at the options you have to turn back the clock and get back into familiar routines.

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